Kamov Ka-50

Some of the earlier Kamov designs for attack helicopters.

First prototype Ka-50 - Note the dummy window outline
to make it appear to be a tandem two-seater.

Second prototype. Note horizontal surfaces on fin and test instruments on nose.

One of the development machines in flight.

Early production machine

Ka-50Sh prototype - with ball turret on top of nose.

Ka-50Sh with extended nose and ball turret mounted underneath.

The prototype Ka-50Sh - Note the ball turret of the Samshit-5- optoelectronics sensor system.

Nose view of the Ka-50Sh

The photos above are taken from a Russian magazine - Air Fleet.

The ones below are my property and are marked as such.
They may not be used without my express permission

Ka-50 photographed at Zhukovsky. This machine has the Paris buzz number H318.
Note the 'Werewolf' logo and brown flash on fin.

Close-up of Werewolf logo and fin flash.

The 'Werewolf' title was short-lived and gave way to 'Black Shark'.
Here, the shark logo is applied, but the rear of the flash is still brown.

Same machine photographed at Zhukovski - still with brown flash on rudder.

Same machine - now with Paris buzz number H347.

The brown area on the fin has now been re-painted blue....

...and the metamorphosis from Werewolf to Black Shark is complete.

Close-up of the Black Shark logo and blue fin flash.
It was named 'Chernaya Akula' (Black Shark) for its role
in a Russian action movie of the same name.

One of the development Ka-50's at Zhukovski

The last thing an enemy tank commander would see....

Another Ka-50 at Zhukovski.

Ka-50Sh in the static line-up at Zhukovski.


Three machines in the flying display.

One of the early development machines in the display.

Ka-50 looking like a real shark..

Starboard view of the same machine.

Part of the flying display at Zhukovski.

A rotorless Ka-50 with yet another variation of nose sensors.

Close up of the nose sensors.

Close-up of the starboard wheel and rear end of the 2A42 30mm cannon

Wing-mounted optronics pod.

Starboard engine exhaust.

Rotor head.

From a different angle.

2A42 30mm cannon mounting on Ka-50Sh.

Extended nose and ball turret on the Ka-50Sh.

Close up of the nose on the Ka-50Sh.

Zvezda K-37 exjection seat. Note the white-painted
rocket pack above & behind the headrest.

Instrument panel on the Ka-50Sh - Photo from Air Fleet.

Ka-50 poster from Air Fleet magazine.

Another poster from Air Fleet magazine.

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