Mil Mi-24 (Hind-A)

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This Mi-24 is at the Samara State Aerospace University

Me in the cockpit.

Port mainwheel.

Twin launch rails for the AT-3 'Sagger' anti-tank missiles.


Looking in through the port side pilot's sliding door.....

Pilot's seat...

Once inside......

Pilot's instrument panel.

Starboard panel.

Weapon's panel in front and above the pilot's head.

Access to the main cabin behind the pilot's seat.

Pilot's view ahead - over the gunners station.

The gunners' station is a bit bare on this machine - this is the seat and port side panel.

This one is at the Russian Air Force museum, Monino

There is no access to the interior of this machine - so all photos are taken through the glazing...

Gunner's station...

Pilot's compartment..

9M14 / AT-3 'Sagger' missiles...

32-round UB-32-57 rocket pods.

This example is at the Central Armed Forces Museum

© Ken Duffey

March 2008