Myasischev M-50(Bounder)

The following photographs are the copyright of Ken Duffey - and may not be used without permission.

The huge M-50 at Monino.

Tail bumper.

These two domes are just above the tail bumper.

Port wing above the engine pylon.

Starboard fence.

Fin, blade aerial, tail bumper and starboard all-moving tailplane with counterweight.

The fin is all-moving!!

Note the gap between fin & fuselage.

Note the green-painted long blade aerial along the rear starboard fuselage.


Fin tip.

Anti-flutter weight at fin tip.

Anti-flutter weight on starboard tailplane.

Close-up of the weight.


Weapons bay.

Forward main undercarriage - note different style wheel hubs.

The red-painted section is a cover over the oleo.

Unfortunately, the wheel bay is blanked off...

Top of the front leg.

Front gear doors.

Rear wheels.

Starboard outrigger wheels mounted inboard of the outer engine nacelle.

Lower end of the outrigger.

Top end of the same leg.

Outrigger wheel bay.

Looking up into the wheelbay.

Inner and outer starboard engines.

Port inner engine nacelle.

Starboard inner engine.

Starboard inner.

Starboard outer engine mounted on the wingtips. Note that only the inner engines have afterburners.

Starboard outer. Note the thickened section to mount the outriggers.

The engines are missing.

Front end of the port outer engine nacelle.

Port inner showing the afterburner section.

Port outer nacelle.

Intakes on top of the port outer.

Starboard outer.

Intakes on the inner nacelle.

More intakes!

....and more.

Intake on top of the starboard inner.

Starboard inner.

Closeup of the afterburner section on the starboard inner engine.

© Ken Duffey

September 2007