Mil Mi-1
NATO Reporting name 'Hare'

The following photographs were taken by me and may not be used without my express permission.

Mi-1 in Aeroflot markings photographed at Ulyanovsk

Mi-1M at the Khodynka museum, Moscow.

Czech Mi-1

Another Czech machine - this time without rotor blades.

Yet another Czech example.

Polish Mi-1. Note the different shaped nose, windows and bulged roof.
This is probably a Polish built SM-1 variant.

Same machine showing the raised roof line.

Instrument panel on a machine at the Budapest Technical School.

Interior of the same Hungarian machine.

Close up of the AI-26V radial engine.

Hungarian Mi-1 with panels removed shwing engine bay etc.

Hungarian Mi-1 photographed at the Budapest Museum of Transport.

Close-up of the stretcher pannier.

Polish built SM-2 variant with new nose and five seats.

Polish SM-2

Polish SM-2 at the Krakow Museum.

Another view of the SM-2 showing the open nose panel to allow carriage of a stretcher.

Rear seats in SM-2

Front cockpit of SM-2

Rather dilapidated SM-2 gate guardian at Deblin AFB, Poland.