Beriev R-1

  Resin kit from ABM

Plain box art showing the Beriev R-1 over (presumably?) Taganrog.

Instructions Page 1

Instructions Page 2.

Instructions Page 3,

Painting and decal placement guide.

Fuselage halves superbly cast in flawless cream resin.

One-piece wing and horizontal tailplane.

Engine nacelles - complete with Klimov VK-1 (RR Nene) engines.

Fin, rudder and floats.

Decal shett by Begemot (two copies are supplied).

Large resin pouring stub has to be removed...

Navigators, Pilots and rear gunners stations assembled.

Pilot's cockpit.

Interior detail.

Interior sub-assemblies fitted.

Nose section.

Slight mis-match at the rear end.

Fuselage cemented together - wing cut from pouring stubs...

... and a test fit looks good.

Parts for the engine nacelles - including a highly-detailed Klimov VK-1 (RR Nene) turbojet.

Fin, rudder and horizontal stabiliser.

Cruciform tail assembled.

Flaps and ailerons attached.

Wing fitted - but not yet glued in place.

Starboard nacelle in place - port side left off to show the VK-1 turbojet...

Closer view of the Klimov VK-1 centrifugal turbojet - a superb bit of mastering and casting - all hidden inside the nacelle!

Wing finally glued in place.

The wing/fuselage joint needs a touch of filler - but we're nearly there!

Lots of sanding to eliminate joins on the engine nacelles.

Top coat of light grey and decals (printed by Begemot) applied.

All it needs now is a satin varnish coat, then the transparencies, wingtip floats and home-made beaching gear.

Finished Model

Beriev R-1 next to it's bigger brother - the Beriev Be-10.

Ken Duffey

March 2019