MiG E-152-1

  Modelsvit 1:72 scale kit

Box art.

Page 1 of the instruction leaflet - colours are matched to Humbrol enamels.

Painting and decal placement guide - note the dozens of stencils.

Decal sheet - complete with instrument panels.

Fuselage halves.

Wing, tailplane and fin half - note the alternate wingtip in place of the missile rail.

Cockpit, inake trunking, nosewheel bay and nosecone - note the alternate belly part - for flush or deployed ventral airbrake.

Exhaust trunking, mainwheels and bay plus nosewheel parts.

Drop tanks and dummy K-9 missiles.

9-part ejection seat, clear canopy and HUD, engine afterburner and etched fret.

Finished MiG E-152-1

The dummy K-9 missiles are painted to look like AIM-7 Sparrows.

Business end of the massive Tumanskiy R-15-300 turbojet..

Ken Duffey

October 2018