MiG E-152

  Modelsvit 1:72 scale kit

Excellent box art showing the 'Flipper' fitted with two dummy K-9 missiles.

Fuselage halves - with well executed engraved panel lines.

Wings, tailplanes and fin.

Twin engine nozzles.

Intakes and two sets of ventral fins to cater for panel line differences - real attention to detail.

More detail parts - including the afterburner flame holders.

Parts for the two dummy K-9 missiles.

Clear sprue with a one-piece canopy and HUD - plus the self-adhesive canopy masks.

Decal sheet - with instrument decals. The grey strip goes around the forward fuselage and saves masking and painting.

The etched parts are for detail around the intake bullet and seat belts.

Parts for the ejection seat.

First page of the 8-page instruction booklet - with Humbrol colours quoted.

Last page showing the two finishing options.

Cockpit tub - combined with nose bullet. The nosewheel bay forms the floor of the cockpit. Instrument decals are provided.

Each main wheel bay is made up from four parts - before fitting to the fuselage.

The twin exhausts - parts at top, made up at bottom. Note the delicate flame holder and alternate jet nozzles - open or closed.

Etched perforated ring and vanes fitted to the intake cone.

Painted intake assembly.

Right fuselage half - with nose intake/cockpit, main wheel bay and jetpipe assembly in place.
A lot of 'fettling' was needed to get the intake/cockpit assembly to fit.

Assembled parts ready for fitting.

Underside view showing separate airbrake panel.

NINE parts for the superb ejection seat.

Assembled seat......

.... and painted - with etched straps.

Dummy K-9 missiles - with realistically thin fins.

Cockpit - with HUD.

Modelsvit include self-adhesive canopy masks.

Finished Model

E-152A - with dummy K-9 missiles.

It looks like a 1/48 scale fuselage - with 1/72 scale wings!

Exhausts for the twin R11F-300 turbojets.

Pilot's eye view.

Massive ventral fins.

Big MiG pair - single-engined E-150 (left) and twin-engined E-152A (right).

E-150 and E-152A.

How does it compare to a MiG-21?? - actually a MiG E-7PD, but it's almost the same.


Ken Duffey

Nov 2016