MiG E-152M

  Modelsvit 1:72 scale kit

Impressive Box Art.

Painting guide.

Fuselage sprue.

Nosecone/cockpit, nosewheel bay and belly insert.

Wings (with alternate wingtips), fin and tailplanes.

Wheels, jetpipes and canards etc. Note the alternate wingtip missile launch rails.

K-80 missiles - and centreline drop tank.

Ejection seat, canopy & HUD - plus the self-adhesive masks for canopy, wheel hubs and various aerials.

Etched brass and decals.

Nose wheel bay parts.

Assembled nose wheel bay and one mainwheel bay - parts on the right.

The nine-part ejection seat......

.... builds into a superb replica of the real thing.

Combined nosecone/cockpit with nose wheel bay fitted in place.
Note the sidewall decals, rudder pedals and control column - with the rear bulkhead attached.

Rear cockpit bulkhead removed and attached to starboard fuselage to get a better fit.

Instrument panel decal.

Component parts for the jetpipe.

The nosecone/cockpit/nosewheel bay sub-assembly 'squeezed' into place after a lot of fettling - the same for the finished jetpipe.

I have added plastic card tabs to aid fitment of the lower fuselage panel.

Fuselage halves together - it needed lots of work to get them to join - especially around the nose section.

Wings and fin assembled - note the join running right through the rudder.

Painted ejection seat - with etched seatbelts.

Finished Model

Dummy missile on port wing - test missile on starboard.

The decal sheet includes a host of stencil data.

Three different wingtip options are included - plus you can leave off the canard foreplanes.

Fully detailed cockpit and ejection seat - plus Head-Up-Display (HUD).

The centreline drop tank is an option.

Looking like a MiG-21 on steroids.....

Test (Stbd) and Dummy (Port) missiles.

Self-adhesive masks are supplied for the circular and leading-edge dielectric panels - as well as the wheel hubs.

Colour is overall light grey.

Note the HUD.

My collection of 'BiG MiGs' - E-150, E-152A, E-152M

All these prototypes led, eventually, to the.....

MiG-25 'Foxbat'.
Ken Duffey

May 2017