MiG E-166

  Modelsvit 1:72 scale kit

Box art showing the E-66 on public display at Domodedovo airport.

8-page construction booklet.

Painting guide - referenced to Humbrol paints.

Decal sheet blue flash for fuselage - but none for fin flash?

The sprues are exactly the same as in the E-152M kit....

The alternate wingtips for the E-152M are included on the sprue -
but 'blanked out' on the instructions as they are not used on the E-166.

The same is true of the canards and wing tip missile launch rails - included but not used.

The belly tank is included - but not the missiles from the MiG E-152M kit.

The nine-part ejection seat, masks and clear canopy. Masks are provided for the canopy, wheel hubs, various antenna
and the blue fin flash.
An etched-brass fret is included for the nosecone perforation ring, wheel leg structure and seat belts.

Parts that have to be fitted inside the fuselage halves.....
Nosecone/cockpit tub/nosewheel bay, ventral insert with mainwheel bays and engine assembly.

All the internals installed.

Finished Model

Ken Duffey

Aug 2019