My collection of 1/144 scale Ekranoplans

Size comparison next to a 1/144 scale Tu-95 Bear

Alekseyev 'KM' - Caspian Sea Monster
Anigrand resin kit

Component parts of the Anigrand KM kit.

Assembled KM

Doctored photo of the Anigrand KM - with cotton wool 'spray'.

Alekseyev 'Lun'
Anigrand resin kit

Doctored photo.

Alekseyev A-90 'Orlyonok'
Revell kit.

Bartini 14M1P
Anigrand resin kit

The 14M1P started life as the VVA-14 VTOL ASW aircraft - later converted into an Ekranoplan.

Ken Duffey

September 2011