Northrop F-89 Scorpion

Hobby Craft F-89A

Revell F-89D

Academy F-89J

All Three...

Hobbycraft F-89B

F-89B - 190FIS, Idaho Air National Guard.

XF-89 Scorpion Prototype

Hobbycraft F-89B kit compared to XF-89 drawing - the hatched areas need to be modified.

Milliput applied to the inside - in case of  'breakthrough' when sanding down the exterior.

Milliput removed, plastic card keel added.....

Keel and bulkheads,

Adding strips of plastic card.

Rear hole filled - and front intake hole blanked off,

The rear of the jetpipe has to be removed - along with the lower fuselage....

Plastic knitting needles for the replacement jetpipes.

Trial fit.

The lower fuselage section has to be shortened.

The plastic section reamed out and a brass tube fitted.

Jetpipe in place - note the difference in lower fuselage shape.

Attacking the starboard fuselage - the original is at top.

Nose profile cut from thick plastic card........

.... and test fitted in place.

Rough and ready - but it does the job.

Rear fuselage almost finished.

New rear fuselage and revised jetpipes.

A bit more filling and sanding needed.

Milliput applied to nose area.

Initial sanding and filling.....

.... but the shape looks OK.

Intakes from a 1/700 scale submarine !

Sanded to shape, they fit OK-ish....

...... a bit of filler will sort them out.

Rear cockpit faired over.

Wing tip fairings added.

Making the fin/tailplane bullet fairing.

Final leg - I still need to add some more 'instruments' to the rear cockpit.

Ready for a final coat of primer...

Underside view.

Alterations to pilots seat to make it look like the XF-89 version.

New canopy carved ready to plunge mould.

After a couple of false starts, I finally managed to get a decent canopy.

Modified nosewheel to remove steering mechanism and add landing light.

Eartly Scorpions only had 3 brake discs......

..... and spoked nosewheels.

Final primer coat of Halfords Grey.

Instrumentation behind the pilot's seat - lots of artistic licence!!

Homemade canopy temporarily in place.

Canopy attached - and masked.

Looking sinister in a coat of gloss black....

Nearly finished - underside view.

Awaiting red USAF decals...

Some silvering to sort out.

Finished XF-89.

Spot the difference!

The Scorpion collection so far.........

F-89H Scorpion.

Hobbycraft F-89H Scorpion - with 3 GAR-1 Falcon missiles exrended from the port side pod.

The real aircraft would not have this asymmetric configuration - it is my 'artistic licence'.

The starboard pod is all closed up - note the apertures for the FFAR rockets.

Closer view of the Falcon missiles - they are dummies, painted light blue.

I had to cut out the decals to cater for the missile bays.

Each pod could carry 3 X GAR-1 Flaacon missiles plus 21 X FFAR rockets.

F-89H Scorpion of the 437th FIS, Presque Isle AFB, 1958.

'Clean' starboard pod.

Scorpion - ready to strike!

My complete Scorpion collection.

New kid on the block - Textron AirLand Scorpion arriving at RIAT Fairford,

Taxing in....

In the static park.

Ken Duffey

Jun 2014