Shenyang J-15 with flight deck

Trumpeter's 1:72 scale kit

Dramatic box art with a prototype J-15 'Hot to Trot' on the flight deck.

Upper fuselage.

Lower fuselage - with corrected main wheel bays.

Outer wing panels - with flaps down on the outside, flaps up in the middle.

Intakes, nozzles, undercarriage etc.

One-piece fins, radome, instrument panel etc..

Cockpit tub, two sets of horizontal stabilisers, canards etc.

Pilot & deck crew, plus drooped flaps.

One of four weapons sprues.

Actuating rams for the blast deflector - plus main wheel hold-back bars. 

Massive deck section - 41cm X 27cm (16.5in X 10.5in)

Jet blast deflector.

Crystal clear windscreen & canopy - with mould seam down the centre.

Etched brass parts for the intakes and nosewheel mudguard.

Decal sheet - with six options.

Markings for the flight deck section.

Painting and decal placement guide.

16-page instruction booklet.

How to display the flight deck. 

The only instruction of how to fit the drooped flaps.

Cutting out the flaps.

Removing the 'pips'

Canopy Profile.

Trailing edge removed and wing fold plus tip rail added.

The 'Sorbtsya' ESM pod (part Q10) is not in the kit!!

Cockpit decals.

Pilot installed.


Cockpit fitted into fuselage.

Engine nacelles sprayed with Humbrol Metal Cote........

... section masked off and polished.

Hasegawa Su-33 wing on top of Trumpeter J-15 wing - which is 3mm too big in span.

Trumpeter Su-30MKK and J-15 wings.

Engine nacelles masked off and wings fitted.

Canopy in place - after a dip in Kleer.

Side profile shape.

Forward fuselage and canopy.

The flaps need to be cut into two sections...

Flaps and cutaway ailerons attached.

Almost ready for painting.

Finished Model

Hasegawa Su-33 vs Trumpeter J-15

J-15 canard shoulder.

Su-33 canard shoulder.

J-15 left, Su-33 right.

Ken Duffey

Mar 2015