Kalinin K-7

  1930's giant by Mikro-Mir
 1:72 scale kit

Impressive box art

The massive 74cm (29in) wing is hollow fibreglass-resin with a superb glass-like surface.

Underside view - with La-5FN fighter for scale.

The rest of the kit is injection-moulded - these are the vertical fins.

The currugations are very restrained.



Engine nacelles and propellers.

Pylons for the undercarriage sponsons.

Extremely delicate Scarfe ring components.


Tailplane - bigger than a Spitfire!

Tires - with readable raised lettering.

Undercarriage sponsons - with superb engraved corrugation detail.

Cockpit glazing is thin and crystal clear.

Canopy masks, etched brass detail parts and decal sheet.

Pages from the folded A4 instruction 'booklet'.

Painting and decal guide.

The Build

The sides of the seats need thinning down.......

....then the mounting struts are fitted.

The floor - with the seats attached - fit into grooves in the cabin sides.....
.... except that the floor is too thick and needs trimming down to fit (or the groove reamed out).

Ken Duffey

July 2020