Lavochkin La-200

  Avis 1:72 scale kit

Avis box art

Fuselage parts.

Wings, fin, tailplanes and wing fences.

Jetpipes, intakes and fuel tanks.

Cockpit, intake trunking and undercarriage.

Canopy and decals.

Cockpit floor and ejection seats.

Main wheel bay assembly

Parts for the nose intake.

Intake and cockpit assemblies, wheel wells plus front and rear jetpipes installed.

Top view of the starboard half fuselage - the port fuselage is a struggle to fit over the internal parts.

Fuselage buttoned up, canopy and wings attached.

Underside view showing the amount of filler needed - the wings still need to be blended in.

Filler on the fin insert.

Nearly finished.....

Still needs the stars adding....

All I nned to do now is build the undercarriage.....

.......which is in three separate parts for the main legs - needed to get the trailing and angled orientation - but it makes for a very delicate assembly!

Undercarriage legs attached..... don't breathe!!

It's a very weak assembly.

Correcting the drop tanks.

Finished Model

Note the clear plastic prop - necessary due to the weak undercarriage.

I'm sooooo sad!

Front nosewheel door moved to the correct position.

Ken Duffey

April 2016