Beech Starship 2000

Amodel's 1:72 scale kit

Amodel box art.

Box contents.

Fuselage components - the black marks are in the plastic.

Wings and canards - Note the two styles - straight and swept.

Cabin interior sprue.

Engine parts - Note the feathered props option.

Cockpit and undercarriage parts.

Transparencies and smaller components.

Eight-page instruction sheet - Humbrol paint colours are quoted.


Windows added - and blended in with filler........

..... making a smooth external surface.

Parts for the cockpit and cabin.

Crew seats - and sumptuous leather armchairs for the passengers.

Assembled cabin with one seat in place - none of which will be seen !!

Unpainted cabin and detailed cockpit.

A little whimsey in the cockpit.....

The main wheels wells are boxed in.

Enigine exhausts are in two halves making for a difficult join.....

... so they were replaced by home-made ones cut from the curved parts of the runner.

Cockpit windows masked to apply the black framing.

Home made window decals - not 100% the right shape.

Finished Model

I used the 'feathered' option for the port propeller - the stbd prop is 'normal'.

Ken Duffey

Oct 2014