Converting the Italeri kit.

Combining the rear end of a Heller Su-27UB (right) with the front end of the Italeri Su-34 kit (left).

The Su-27UB (right) has the correct main wheel bays. The front end of the Su-34 (left) has the correct nosewheel bay.

Parts combined - note the mis-matched spine.

Underside joined.

The Heller intakes - the curved recess is altered and the auxiliary intake doors on the inner face of the intake are scribed on.

Italeri wings attached - a few gaps to fill.

Underside view showing how the Heller wing stubs are cut down to fit(?) into the Italeri wing recesses.
Some reduction in height on the Heller wheel bay walls was necessary to get a tight fit.

Working on the Heller intakes - to make them more rounded - with a slot in the underside.

Port intake fitted.

Milliput and White Stuff liberally applied to the top surface......

.... and to the undersides.

Top surface after lots of sanding.

Undersides the same.

A first coat of primer reveals more work needed on the joins...........

... and those intakes are too flat bottomed.

Milliput applied to make the intakes more rounded...

....much better!

Modified Italeri kit left - Trumpeter Su-34 right. Note the straight-edged additions to the LERX on the production Su-34.

Noses compared.....

....and tailbooms.

Su-27IB left - Su-34 right.

Undersides - the Su-27IB intakes are a tad narrow (from the Heller Su-27UB kit).

Fins compared - the Su-27IB fin (left) is taller - having been derived from the two-seat Su-27UB trainer.
The production Su-34 reverted to using the single-seat Su-27 fin. Note that the Italeri Su-34 kit has the wrong style fins!

White areas sprayed and masked, along with canopy - note panel lines on radome filled in.

In its prime.

Comparison - prototype Su-27IB left, latest production Su-34 right.

Note the differences.

Just out of the paintshop.

Part Su-27UB, part Su-34

Decals applied, exhausts nozzles are Aires resin.

It just needs the undercarriage and armament.

Finished Model

All tooled up - as it appeared at Machulischi airbase in spring 1992

The Su-27IB was displayed to the leaders of the CIS countries near Minsk, Belorussia.

Front half is a Su-34 - rear half is a Su-27UB.

Full armament fit - apart from the centreline pylons.

The real thing at Machulischi
Ken Duffey

Jul 2017