Zvezda Su-27SM

Dynamic box-art

Reverse side of the box sleeve.

The contents are all bagged.

Fuselage and wings underside moulding.

Upper front fuselage, fins and intakes.

Upper wings and rear fuselage.

Tailplanes, nosecone etc.

One of the two weapons and nozzles sprues.

Comprehensive decal sheet with 3 options.

Instruction sheet is very comprehensive!

Well detailed wheel hub and flame holder.

Standing and seated pilot figures.

The seated pilot is 'posable'.

The IRST ball is separate from the windscreen - the canopy has no seam line down the middle to remove.

For the first time ever, the different size fin intakes are acknowledged.

Lower intake blow-in shutters are moulded in place.

The front upper fuselage is separate - to allow for different variants like the two-seat Su-27UB .........

The joint looks OK.

The nozzle parts - with the compressor face at left.

Completed nozzles - note the delicate flameholder.

Canopy cross-section comparison.

Here's what it should look like.

Cockpit is very good - with decals for the panels.

Good vent detail.

Another vent that is often missed.

Not much detail in the front wheel bay.

The upper front and rear fuselage joint.......

....... after a coat of grey primer.

It's difficult to photograph - this makes it look worse than it really is.

Two sidewalls and top of the engine intakes.

Inlet guide vane and top cemented to L-shaped sidewall.

Completed intake,

Hasegawa Su-33 canopy tested for fit.

Leading Edge slats

Exhaust nozzles painted.

Ejection seat is OK.

Offset IRST is well done.

AKAN Su-33 paints.

Halfords White Primer & Appliance White.

Trumpeter main wheel well.

Zvezda main wheel well.

Double curvature??

AKAN first colour.

The double curvature is absolutely correct - note the blue camo above the intake.

Here it is zoomed in - nice one Alexander!!

Zvezda correct shaped LERX.

Trumpeter LERX.

Mega masking job with Blu Tak and tape - thank goodness its only two colours!

The reveal...........

Decals applied....

.... and very comprehensive they are!!

Finished Model....

Underside view - tooled up for anti-shipping strike

Boarding ladder, two styles of wheel chocks and engine blanking plates.

Shape Comparisons between Zvezda and Trumpeter Flankers..

Here's a real Su-27SM...

Ken Duffey

Apr 2014