Zvezda Su-33

Zvezda's Su-33 launching from Admiral Kuznetsov - with a Kirov class battlecruiser in the background.

Reverse of the box.

One-piece upper fuselage moulding - with correct cross-section around the canard shoulders.

Lower fuselage moulding.

Part of Sprue C - intakes, airbrake and nose gear. There are no mesh grilles on the intake sides - they are provided as decals.

Sprue B

The other part of Sprue C

One of 2 Sprue F - exactly the same as the Su-27SM kit.

The excellent decals sheet - from Begemot. I think. Note the intake side grilles at bottom right.

Part of the instruction sheet showing the three possible 'versions' -
On the deck with wings spread, in flight and on the deck with wings and tailplanes folded.

Wing fold detail - not as deep or detailed as Trumpeter's Su-33.

Ken Duffey

Sept 2016