Trumpeter Su-33UB

Trumpeter box art - Su-33UB launching from Kuznetsov's ski jump.

Top and bottom fuselage halves - straight mainwheel bays!!!

Alternate spread and folded wings.

Horizontal stabs, canards, cockpit etc,

Sprue C2 - exactly the same as the Su-33 kit.

Sprue C - same as Su-33 kit.

Sprue H - same as Su-33 kit. The rudders should have increased chord.

4 X Sprue K - same as Su-33 weapons.


2 X Sprue Q - same as Su-33 kit.

New clear sprue for canopy.

Two K-36 ejection seats - same as Su-33 kit.

Excellent new decals sheet.

The kit matches EXACTLY the Aviatsiya i Vremya plans (which is probably what Trumpeter used.)

Painting guide with two colour options......

.... this one includes the exhibition number 717 see in August 2001.

Weapons painting guide.

Cockpit and radome compared with AiV drawing.

Comparison with photo.

Increasing the rudder chord.

Cockpit section.

Perfectly adequate for a closed canopy.

Side-by-side comparison - Su-33UB (left) and Su-33 - note the wing fold further outboard on the Su-33UB.

Rear access door added.

Trumpeter provide an 'unfolded' outer wing panel (left) - and a 'folded' panel with drooped flaperon (right).

They also include a wingtip launch rail (L) and a 'Sorbtsya' ESM pod (R) - the detailed wing fold inserts are at top.

Contrary to Trumpeter's instructions, I'm make my wing folded panels vertical - with brass rod inserted for strength.

This is how I think the wing fold is on the real thing - using the panels with the un-drooped flaperons. 

Bigger, non-folding stabilator and canards on Su-33UB.

All masked up ready to paint.

Su-33UB left, Su-33 right - I'm not happy with the colours - and the edges are too sharp!

They need to be re-painted.
Ken Duffey

June 2016