Sukhoi Su-37 (T-10M)

  Scratchbuilt/converted 1:72 model

By combining the single-seat forward fuselage of the Zvezda Su-33 (right) with the rear
fuselage of the Zvezda Su-30SM (left) it should be possible to make the T-10M Su-37

The forward fuselages separated....

.... and swapped over. The left model will be the Su-37, the one on the right will become a Chinese J-17.

Underside view showing the plastic card strips used to strengthen the joints.

First application of filler to the joints....

The Su-33 cockpit tub - but with Su-30SM decals - note the throttle (left) and sidestick control (right).

Su-33 front end, Su-30SM back end and......

...complete Su-30SM lower fuselage.

Happy with the joint lines.

Making a start on lengthening the nose....

Scraps of plastic card used to fill the gap........

.... followed by filler.

8mm plastic knitting needle used to make the new tailcone.

Ken Duffey

Sept 2019