Model Submarines

Submarine models in 1:700 Scale.

Submarine models in 1:350 Scale.


Some of my collection of 1:700 scale subs on display at a model show.

Early Submarines

Steam-powered subs of WWI - HMS K4 and K26

HMS K4 - scratchbuilt

Redesigned HMS K26 with raised bow and decking - note the twin funnels!

HMS M1 and M2 - scratchbuilt.

HMS M1 with 12in gun.

HMS M2 was converted into an aircraft carrier - with a Parnall Peto seaplane.

A pair of 'Cruiser' submarines - the French Surcouf and HMS X1. Both are scratchbuilt.

French submarine Surcouf - with 2 x 8in guns and Besson MB 411 Seaplane

HMS X1 with 4 x 5.2in guns in twin turrets.

WWII Submarines

WWII subs HMS Totem & HMS Triton - Seawaves waterline resin kits with scratchbuilt hulls.

HMS Totem - a Group 2 T Class Submarine

HMS Triton - a Group 1 T Class.

HMS Upholder - both scratchbuilt.

HMS Upholder of WWII.

Two Gato and a Balao class submarines of WWII - Hobby Boss kits.

USS Balao in 1943 configuration.

USS Gato in 1941 configuration.

German WWII U-Boats - Type IX, Type XXI and Type XXIII.

Hasegawa waterline Type IX - with scratchbuilt lower hull.

Type XXI submarine - Pit Road kit.

Type XXIII coastal submarine - Pit Road kit.

German WWII U-Boats - Type VII's - Hobby Boss kits.

German Type VIIB U-Boat.

German Type VIIC U-Boat.

German WWII U-Boats - Type IX's - Hobby Boss kits.

German Type IXC U-Boat.

German Type IXB U-Boat.

Soviet WWII Type D-2 & Type S submarines - Combrig resin kits.

Soviet WWII Type D-2

Soviet WWII Type S submarine.

Soviet WWII Type K-21, Type L-3 and Type M submarines - Combrig resin kits.

Soviet Type K-21 cruiser submarine.

Soviet Type L-3 submarine.

Soviet Type M coastal submarine.

Japanese WWII Type I-25 and Type I-17 - Pit Road 'Ready Made' models.

Japanese WWII - I-9 & I-400 Submarines.

I-400 - old Nichimo waterline kit with scratchbuilt hull.

I-9 - Skywaves kit.

Modern Submarines

Russian Kilo and Alfa attack submarines.

Russian Alfa SSN - DML kit.

Russian Kilo SSK - Hobby Boss kit.

Yuri Dolgoruky - new Russian SSBN - OKB Grigorov resin kit.

Yuri Dolgoruky - Borei Class submarine, recently launched.

British and American Attack subs - USS Dallas & HMS Trafalgar - DML kits.

HMS Trafalgar SSN.

USS Dallas SSN.

Soviet Delta III SSBN - DML kit.


Soviet Echo-II SSGN & Sierra SSN.

Echo-II SSGN - Skywaves waterline kit with scratchbuilt hull.

Soviet Sierra SSN Attack Submarine.

Russian Oscar II SSGN - 'Kursk'

Oscar Class - 'Kursk' - Hobby Boss kit - with opened up launch tubes.

Japanes Navy SSK's - Yuushio & Oyashio.

JMSDF Yuushio - DML kit.

JMSDF Oyashio - Pit Road ready-made kit.

Chinese PLA Navy Type 033 & Type 039A attack submarines.

Type 039A SSK - Hobby Boss kit

PLAN Type 033 (ex Soviet 'Romeo' class) - Pit Road ready made model.

British SSBN - HMS Resolution

HMS Resolution - DML kit.

Soviet 'Romeo' SSK & 'Whiskey Long Bin' SSG.

Romeo SSK - Hobby Boss PLAN Type-033 kit 'converted'.

Whiskey Long Bin - Pit Road ready made model.

Russian 'Akula' Class SSBN - NATO Typhoon.

Typhoon SSBN - Hobby Boss kit.

HMS Upholder SSK - scratchbuilt.

First US missile submarines - USS Cusk & USS Tunny

USS Cusk with 'Loon' (German V1) missile - modified Skywave waterline Gato.

USS Tunny with Regulus I missile - modified Skywave Gato.

USS Grayback and USS Halibut.

USS Grayback with Regulus II missile - Pit Road ready made model.

USS Halibut with Regulus I missile - scratchbuilt.

US 'Boomers' - Missile-launching SSBN's.

USS George Washington - the first Polaris SSBN - Skywaves waterline kit with scratchbuilt hull.

USS Ohio SSBN - DML kit.

USS Jimmy Carter - modified Seawolf Class SSN.

USS Jimmy Carter - Hobby Boss kit.

USS Nautilus SSN - first atomic powered submarine.

USS Nautilus - Pit Road ready made model.

USS Seawolf and USS Virginia - new attack submarines.

USS Seawolf - Hobby Boss kit.

USS Virginia SSN attack submarine. Hobby Boss kit

British SSBN - HMS Vanguard.

HMS Vanguard - scratchbuilt.

Russian attack submarines - Victor III and Akula class SSN's

Victor III SSN - DML kit.

Russian Akula class SSN - Hobby Boss kit.

....and finally....

Aleksayev KM Ekranoplan.

'Caspian Sea Monster' - Takara ready made model.

1:350 Scale....

Some of my bigger models

HMS Trafalgar SSN - Airfix kit

HMS Vanguard SSBN - Bronco Models kit

HMS Astute SSN - Hobby Boss 1:350 scale kit.

HMS Astute SSN

HMS Astute.

Russian 'Kilo' class SSK - Bronco Models.

Kilo Class SSK.

Kilo Class.

USS Gato 1941 configuration - AFV Club kit.

USS Gato 1941.

USS Gato - SS-212.

USS Virginia SSN-774 - Bronco Models kit.

USS Virginia.

USS Virginia.

Hobby Boss Le Triomphant SSBN

CyberHobby USS Maryland SSBN

CyberHobby USS Chicago SSN

Hobby Boss Surcouf.

The model is painted as per 1941 - when the MB-411 seaplane wan't carried.

Bronco Models Yuri Dolgoruky - Borei class SSBN

Alfa Box art

Instruction sheet

Project 705K 'Alfa' kit parts. Note the five etched-brass blades for the propeller - that should be fun!

Sturgeon Class box art.

Instruction sheet.

Sturgeon kit parts - nice decal sheet.

Thresher box art.

Instruction sheet.

Kit parts.

K Class box art.

Instruction sheet.

Kit parts.

AMP Box Art

Instruction sheet

Kit parts.

SHCH Class Box Art.

Kit parts.

Russian Project 705K Alpha..

USS Sturgeon

Hobby Boss 'Yasen Class' - Russian SSN 'Severodvinsk'.

Pit Road resin kit - USS Grayback - SSG 574

Pit Road resin kit - USS Halibut SSGN-587

Pit Road resin kit - Soviet Whiskey Long Bin SSG

Micro-Mir Models USS Thresher - SSN-593

Micro-Mir Models K-3 November Class

Micro Mir USS Nautilus

Etched Brass detail, decal sheet and front page of instruction sheet.

Injection-moulded sail, scopes and diving planes, etched decking and instructions.

Two halves of hull.

Decking inside sail.

3-part sail completed, hull cemented together, rear dive planes, etched-brass decking and forward sonar dome added

Adding the etched-brass handrails to the sail.

Filling the step between the etched decking and the plastic hull.

Nearly finished........

Hobby Boss Victor III Class

Micro-Mir USS Nautilus SSN-571

Bronco Models Akula II 'Gepard'.

HMS Odin - Pit Road 1/350 scale

Hobby Boss Oscar II Class SSGN..

Upper and lower hull parts - with cutouts for the cruise missile tubes.

Two of the four sprues containing the launch tubes and SS-N-19 'Granit' cruise missiles.

Inserts for the launch tube bays.

Remaining sprue containing missile bay doors, conning tower, dive planes, propellors etc.

Painting guide - the white callout for the missile bay doors is wrong!

Decal sheet and etched-brass fret - decals are for K-141 Kursk only - and the long white waterline is not included.

3-part missile tube and SS-N-19 missile.

Alternate tops for the sail are provided - open and closed.

Port side missile bay - with six tubes fitted.

Two open showing SS-N-19 missiles - four with closed caps.

This is what they look like fitted into the upper hull - all a bit simplified.

Plastic and etched-brss propellers.

Detail added to missile bay.

Almost ready for painting.

Ready for the decals.

Corrected propellers

USS Skipjack

USS Tunny

AFV Club Gato-class 1943 hull - with deck extension from plastic card.

The 'sail' is from the AFV Club 'USN Guppy 1B Clas Sub' - the cylindrical hangar is from a pipette.

Deck extension starboard side

Port side complete.

Recess cut out for the hangar.....

... and test fitted

Painted with Halfords rattle cans - Rover Tempest Grey and Gloss Black. Pennant numbers from spare decals.

Scratch-building the Regulus I missile and launch rail.

Missile temporarily in place.

Finished model

US Nuclear Attack Submarines

USS Virginia, USS Chicago, USS Sturgeon, USS Thresher, USS Skipjack, USS Nautilus.

USS Nautilus SSN-571

USS Skipjack SSN-585

USS Thresher SSN-593

USS Sturgeon SSN-637

USS Chicago SSN-721 (Los Angeles Class)

USS Viginia SSN-774

Micro Mir USS Skate.

Box art.

History and painting guide.

Construction diagram.

Hull parts.

Conning tower/sail, dive planes, periscopes etc

Etched brass decking, props, mooring cleats, safety rails etc - plus white pennant numbers

 Ken Duffey

Aug 2014