Zvezda Topol

Striking Zvezda box art

Reverse of box showing two 'variants' - on road and ready to launch.

Excellent packaging.

Two sides of chassis showing addition of parts.

Cross members, transfer gearbox and prop shafts.

Two halves of chassis joined.

Complex stub axles - two halves on left - cemented together at right.
Note the different angles on the stub axles - loaded (on road) at left, unloaded (ready to fire) at right.

Completed chassis - 90 parts so far.

Underside of the chassis.

Incredible detail on each stub axle - all to be hidden under black paint.

Transmission and transfer box.

Moulding replaced with 'real' mesh.

Detailing the interior.

Parts for the missile container......

..... assembled

Side equipment bays being assembled....

Major sub-assemblies

Wheels added

Finished Model...

Camo netting is made from gauze bandage.

The retractable 'dustbin' equipment is usually covered by a canvas bag - made from foil.

Ready-to-launch version

Making the SS-25 'Sickle' ICBM - from a 15mm dia plastic knitting needle.

The 'missile' in the lauch tube.

Photo of the interior of the end cap - with my scratchbuild in the centre.

Completed scratched endcap.

Scratched SS-25 inside launch tube.

Looking down the tube.

Need to hide those seams......

Scratch-built ladder

Covering the windows on the inside.

Finished Model

Two Topol's

Ken Duffey

Feb 2014