Sukhoi Su-17 'Type R'

  A&A Models 1:72 scale kit

A&A Box art.

Fuselage halves and port side fin insert.

Wings, tailplanes and fences.

Engine, cockpit, wheels etc...

Two decal sheets, open or closed canopy, etched fret. Not shown are the self-adhesive masks.

Painting guide - keyed to Humbrol enamels.

Four-part nosewheel bay and five-part mainwheel bay components.

Cockpit/intake trunking parts

Jetpipe components.

Cockpit (with nosewheel bay attached), mainwheel bay and jetpipe sub-assemblies.

Nose intake/cockpit, main wheel bays and jetpipe sub-assemblies installed.

Lots of 'fettling' to get the two fuselage halves to join - filler applied to the joints, on top....

... and along the bottom.

Joins cleaned up.

The wings have a lower insert - which must be thinned.

Wings and tailplanes attached..... top....

.... and bottom.

Wing fences being added.....

In its prime.........

... ready for the silver top coat.

Painted and decalled.

Halfords rattle can of 'Aliminium' and six red stars - finished with satin varnish.

All it needs now are the wingtip navigation lights and undercarriage.....

The levered-suspension maingear is very week - with no locating pins and a very small axle.

Finished Model.

Ken Duffey

April 2020