EWR VJ-101C-X2

A&A Models GermanVTOL

A&A Models box art for the VJ-101 second prototype of the German VTOL fighter.

Fuselage sprue - moulded by Modelsvit on behalf of A&A Models.

Parts for the two swivelling wingtip engine nacelles.

Wings and things.

Ejection seat, boarding ladder and clear sprue - with two choices of canopy - open or closed.

Canopy and wheel masks, etched brass harness and decal sheet.

Markings and paint guide.

Parts for the Martin-Baker GA7 ejection seats - minus the firing handle and two smaller plastic parts.

Assembled seat - with etched firing handle attached.

Seat and five-part cockpit - complete with rudder pedals but minus the control column.

Seat and cockpit tub - decals are provided for the side panels.

'Internals' ready to be inserted into the fuselage.

Fuselage assembled and wings attached..... top view.

Underside view.

Components for the starboard wingtip engine pod - all EIGHTEEN of them!

If the pods are to rotate, they have to be assembled 'in-situ' on the wingtip.
Note the collar to hold the inner half of the pod in place.

Translating wingtip engine pods - horizontal to vertical.

Finished Model

In VTOL mode - with engine pods vertical, intakes extended and front engines intake and exhaust doors open

Main engines translated to CTOL mode (where the extended intakes and front engines door would be closed).



Ken Duffey

Nov 2017