Alekseyev A-90 'Orlyonok'

Box and contents.

Nose intakes and jet nozzle.

Reducing the size of the nose intakes with plastic card.....

.... and lots of filler.

The cockpit is also modified.

The jetpipe on the fin-mounted turboprop has a prominent seam down the centre....

.... so a curved piece of thin plastic card is added......

.... and sanded flush.

The finished model.

The 'spinning' prop is two circles of clear acetate with the blurred props scratched on.

The A-90 mounted on its 'sea' base. The sea is crumpled blue cellophane glued onto a blue-painted base.

A-90 in its environment skimming above the waves.

Note the two thin brass rods supporting the model.

A bit of photo manipulation.

The unmodified nose (left).

Ken Duffey

September 2011