Beriev Be-200ChS

Building the Amodel kit

Dramatic box art.

The decal sheet provides only one option - an MChS machine.

The fibreglass resin fuselage and wing.

The rest of the components are injection-moulded plastic.

Fin and tailplane halves.

Engine components - best painted before assembly.

I added a centre console and fighter-style control yokes from a Su-24 kit. The instrument panel is printed from a photograph.

I also added a 'ledge' for the cockpit to sit on.

The cockpit assembly in place.

Plastic rod pegs are used to align the wing/fuselage.

The injection-moulded sponsons and wheel wells are added to the fibreglass-resin fuselage....

.... then the fibreglass-resin wing....

... then the front top section .........

.... and finally, the rear top section. The fit isn't brilliant!........

.... and needs lots of filler.....

I added a mounting base for an IR/TV ball on the second flap track guide.

The cockpit is 'sealed in' with plastic card side pieces.

The cockpit glazing is added - and belended in with filler.

I added two plastic card bulkheads to make the nosecone fit better........

... and blended it with more filler.

Scratch-built water scoops and kit hydrodynamic deflectors added.

The kits etched-brass overflow doors are incorrect - so I tried making my own decal replacements.

Model in primer and pre-shaded.

Finished model....

The real thing.....

.... with my attempt at a bit of PS'ing......

My photos of the real thing are here.

Ken Duffey

November 2011