Amodel Bristol Brabazon

Hollow (but sealed) fibreglass resin fuselage.

Fuselage length (without the injection-moulded nose) is 70cm (27.5in).

Wings and tailplane are fibreglass-resin. Wingspan is 97cm (38.25in) - MiG-15 is for size comparison.

Nose section and wingtips - with clear sprues for canopy and passenger windows.

Engines, props and mainwheels - these sprues are repeated several times.

Flight deck components.

Leading edge of inner wing with engine bays.

Engine bay covers.

Engine compartment internal bulkheads

Main and nose undercarriage bays.

Nosewheels and detail parts.

This shows how the injection-moulded leading edge fits onto the fibreglass-resin wing.

Hollow wing showing the main undercarriage bays.

Thanks to 'Victorlas' (aka for giving me the model to review.

Motors and contraprops in the starboard wing.

After a few coats of Halfords 'Aluminium' from a rattle can....

Cockpit section.

Open hatches showing the two outer Bristol Centaurus engines with shaft drives to the outer contraprops.

Finished at last....

The contraprops work - after a fashion.

Home-made window decals...

Blending the clear cockpit part into the fuselage.

Strengthening the main gear attachments.

Changing the shape of the rear well.

January 2011