Trumpeter J-11B Flanker

Box art.

Top and bottom fuselage halves.

Oddly angled main wheel bays.

Main parts sprue.

Note 2 X radomes, ejection seats, instrument panels and 2 X sets of tailplanes.

Missile sprue (4 of) and pylons sprue (2 of).

Two one-piece fins.

Clear parts.

Extra nozzles for WS-10 engines.

Markings and stencils decal sheets.

Decals for instrument panels and chaff/flare dispensers.

2 X Instrument panels - Su-27 (left), J-11B (right).

Simplified cockpit tub.

Mainwheels - simplified.

Reasonable K-36 ejection seats.

J-11B radome with strengthening/lightning strips.

AL-31F nozzles.

Anti-FOD mesh screens are solid.

Painting guide for operational machine.

Painting guide for prototype.

Missile painting and decalling guide.

Instruction manual.

For a commercial kit, the K-36 ejection seat is not too bad. Kit (left) NeOmega (right)

Panel detail is very fine engraved.....


Cockpit - painted very dark grey and decals added.


The cockpit tun sits on top of the nosewheel bay - and the jetpipes are added.

The intakes in place.....

... effectively hiding those odd-angled wheel bays.

Side profile looks good.

The first primer coat revealed those nasty sink marks on the wing upper surface - easily fixed with a smear of filler.

Strange moulding on the wingroot.

For a kit seat, Trumpeters rendition of a Zvezda K-36 isn't too bad - I added a firing handle from fuse wire.

Cockpit view with seat installed - note the green-tinted Chinese-developed HUD

Undersides sprayed Hu-166, masked, then topsides Hu-167

Finished Model

J-11B pylons.

PL-12 adaptor rail

Ken Duffey

November 2011