Myasischev M-17 'Stratosfera'

(NATO Mystic-A)

A quick look at the new resin kit from Anigrand

The model comes in a stout cardboard box with a colour side-view of the M-17.
A single A4 instruction sheet with a two-view giving colours and an exploded diagram on the reverse.
The component parts are packed into a shrink-sealed plastic bag with the canopy in a sparate ziploc bag.
A decal sheet completes the package.

The hollow fuselage halves and solid tail booms.

The long-span wings - measuring 520mm or 20.5 inches in 1:72 scale.

The one-piece horizontal tailplane.

The rest of the resin components.

There are some moulding flaws - and pinholes - to take care of.........

......and the injection-moulded canopy is not all that clear either.

Finished Model

Ken Duffey
July 2007