Afghan Presidential Mi-17/18 Hybrid

This hybrid machine appears to be the first prototype of the stretched Mil Mi-18 that was completed 25 years ago!

It has been converted to VIP/Salon configuration with airstair doors and an addition external cabin heater/air conditioner.

The model changes I have identified are.....

1. Lengthen rear fuselage by 9.44mm

2. Convert circular windows into rectangular shape

3. Convert front sliding door into airstairs.

4. Add VIP interior

5. Scribe airstair into rear clamshell doors

6. Add armour inside front pilots/co-pilots windows.

7. Add ESM 'boxes' around airframe.

8. Add vibration dampers to rotor head.

9. Add external cabin heater /air conditioner on starboard side.

The first task is to convert the windows into 'Salon' configuration - by making them rectangular.

The size is gained from the circular windows - they are the same width and have the same top line, but are deeper at the bottom.

The complete rear fuselage section is removed........

....and extended rearwards by a scale 680mm - 9.44mm in 1:72 scale.

I have also removed the IR turret, rounded the corners of the front door opening, and removed and filled in the sliding door channels.

Fuselage together showing rear extension.

I have taken the plunge - and opened up the rear airstair. still needs cleaning up !

Rear entrance airstair cleaned and 'lined' with plastic card.

As soon as I had added the side-mounted fuel tanks, I realised that this version is fitted with bigger tanks !!

So I had to remove the tanks from their fairings - and add plastic card to make them 'fatter'.

The tanks are cemented back in place - and plastic card 'straps' are added to replace those sanded away.

Note the fairing where the bigger tank translates into the front cabin heater housing.

This Salon is also fitted with an additional cabin heater/air conditioning unit mounted high up on the starboard fuselage.

I carved one from an 8mm plastic knitting needle.

Cabin heater/air conditioner added - plus ESM/IR 'Boxes'.

The scratchbuilt rear airstairs door and steps - the steps fold down, the other part folds up inside.

Note the rain guttering over the rear window/escape hatch.

Ready for masking - to apply the green camo. Also scratchbuilt a forward airstairs door.

Note the bigger fuel tank - plus the additional air conditioning unit above the windows

Scratch built vibration damper under construction.

Finished Mi-17 'Salon' showing main changes made to Hobby Boss kit.

Afghan equivalent of 'Marine One'.

Awaiting the arrival of Afghan President Kharzai...

Rear airstairs door on the 'Salon' Hip.

Side Profile showing the extended rear fuselage...

Top view showing the vibration damper on the main rotor - and the open airstairs door.

Comparison between 'standard' Mi-8T (Top) and M-17 'Salon' (Bottom).

Note rectangular windows, strteched rear fuselage, airstairs doors etc

Three of my latest Hips - Mi-8T, Mi-17 Salon, Mi-18.

Ken Duffey

November 2009