Mil Mi-8 'Hip' Available kits in 1:72 scale

KP Kit

The original Mi-8 kit boxtop from KP

Contents of the KP kit - courtesy Johnopfor.

Another boxing of the KP kit.....

....and another variation.

Revell kit #4423 - a re-boxing of the KP kit with new decals...


Contents of the Revell kit - exactly the same as KP.

Italeri kit # 021 - another re-boxing of the KP kit.

Contents of the Italeri kit - exactly the same as KP.

Zvezda kit

Zvezda kit # 7253 - a brand new mould.

Contents of the Zvezda kit - note the separate clamshell doors. The windscreen is still wrong though.

Zvezda kit #7230 - same kit re-boxed.

Zvezda kit #7254 - same kit re-boxed

Revell kit #04477 - a re-boxing of the Zvezda kit - courtesy Johnopfor

Revell kit #04477 same as Zvezda kit - photo courtesy Johnopfor.

Hobby Boss

New Hobby Boss kit #87221 - purporting to be a Mi-8T - 'Hip-C' (which it isn't!)

Contents of the Hobby Boss kit.

Hobby Boss Mi-8MT/Mi-17 kit #87208 - note that both kits are exactly the same and

both represent a second generation Mi-8MT or export Mi-17.

Ken Duffey

April 2009