Modelling the Sukhoi T50 - using the new 'Resin Shop' kit.

Box top from the 'Resin Magazin' (Resin Shop) PAK FA kit.

What's inside - 5 poly bags stuffed full of resin parts, upper and lower fuselage halves, one clear canopy, instructions and painting guide.

The upper fuselage is a one-piece resin moulding - with superb panel detail - and not an air bubble in sight.

The lower fuselage is in two halves - again beautifully cast is smooth grey resin.

The contents of one ploybag - wings, tailplanes, fins, 'levcons' and underwing missile pods.

Another bag contains the engine compressor faces - and the exhaust parts.

The undercarriage components - plus some grilles. The quality of the moulding really is superb.

Nose undercarriage bay, tailcone, radome, intakes and engine trunking/mainwheel bays.

The last poly bag contains the cockpit tub, side panels, K-36 ejection seat and some aerials.

The vacform canopy looks a little cloudy - but it's only mould release agent and should polish out.

The painting guide - for the first flight colours.

The instruction sheet.

Cockpit painted..

The K-36 firing handle is from the spares box.

Engine trunks are 'keyed' and just slot into place...

The lower rear fuselage underside required some fiddling to get it to sit correctly.

There are still some gaps to be filled.....

Wings glued on and gaps filled and rubbed down.

Nearly ready for a coat of primer....

Modification required to the excellent resin nozzles to make a drooped TVC nozzle.

Finished Model

Comparison with my scratch-built T50 - which is bigger.

Comparison with a Su-35S.

Ken Duffey

June 2010