White Knight


Spaceship One

The kit is available direct from the manufacturers at :- http://amarket.pl.ua/

White Knight top & bottom fuselage halves

Upper & lower outer wings.


Spaceship one parts.

Spaceship One parts.

Interior for both and engines for White Knight.

Pylons & landing gear.

Identical nose glazing.

Components for Spaceship One.

White Knight outer wings.

Tailboom components.

SS1 (left) & White Knight cockpits made up.

Cockpit ready for painting.

Component parts for White Knight's jet engines..

Both cockpits painted.

Spaceship One with rocket motor installed - I'm not quite sure why the 'jetpipe' doesn't extend to the rear ??

White Knight nose glazing dipped in Kleer - and fitted in place.....

.... same with Spaceship One.

Both halves of the combination.

Wing spars from thin brass rod.

Wings temporarily attached.

Missing Actuator Fairing ????

Punching out circular masks for the 'portholes'.

White Knight - painted and ready for decals

I made a support to stop it sitting on its tail.

You really need a wide-angle lens!

White Knight & Spaceship One.

A home made drum supports SS1.

Underside view of both models.

Top View.

All it needs now are the decals.

SS1 - the red trim is an ablative coating (I think?)

Ken Duffey

September 2009