Trumpeter Su-27 (Early)


Great box art - note the damaged port fin tip.

The main difference from earlier Trumpeter Flankers is the old-style tail boom (left)

You also get a set of early-style fins with the anti-flutter weights - as well as a set of 'standard' fins


The decal sheets provides two marking choices - including Lt Tsymbal's Flanker that collided with the P-3C Orion - Bort Red 36.

Early Flankers had a different nosewheel FOD guard - so it needs to be modified - using a wheel from the Airfix kit......

... a fairly easy change.

The instrument decals.

Front panel decal.

The kit seat and cockpit are quite adequate in this scale.....

I added a firing handle using fuse wire.

Auxiliary blow-in doors amended.

Two small exhauts from white plastic.

Engine nacelles painted.

Repacement Airfix/Heller hub at right.

I eventually modified the Trumpeter wheels.

Modified nosewheel door.

Trumpeter missed off the parabrake door hinges.

Damaged port fin tip.

The cockpit is quite good for a 1/72 scale kit - especially if the canopy is closed.

Tailplane actuator covers.

Ready for a coat of primer..

Painted and decalled.....

Ready for some slight weathering and a satin topcoat.

Finished Model

Underside view.

Top shot.

Corrected nosewheel.

Corrected mainwheel.

Damaged fin.

Lt Tsymbal's Su-27 after the incident with the P-3 Orion.

J-11B & Su-27 - showing the too-long noseleg on the Su-27.....

.... which is now corrected by shortening the leg.

Ken Duffey

March 2013