Su-30SM Flanker

Converted from the Trumpeter Su-30MKK

Using the Trumpeter Su-30MKK.......

- and converting it into a Su-30SM like this.

Su-30SM - with canards.

Trumpeter's Su-30MKK kit placed on top of Hasegawa's Su-33 to show the canard mounting shoulders.

Canard shoulders made using thick plastic card.

This view shows the bigger wings of the Su-33.

First application of filler to canard shoulders.

Modifying the Su-30MKK fins to make Su-30SM fins.

Canard shoulders filled and sanded.

Modified fins.

Making the Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) nozzles.

TVC nozzles temporarily tacked in place.

Some adjustment needed.

Scratch-built Holographic HUD.

Modified cockpit.

Blind Flying canopy rail.

My attempt at the rail and curtain.

I also fitted two crew figures.

Ready for painting.

Blind Flying Curtain.

Masking removed after painting.

Its starting to look like a Su-30SM now....

Finished Model

All done....

Note the canards, bigger rudders and TVC nozzles.

Drooped TVC nozzles.


Scratch-built TVC nozzles......

Corrected TVC nozzles - now drooped inwards.

Correctly oriented nozzles.

Holographic HUD, Blind Flying Curtain and rail.

Ken Duffey

April 2013