Trumpeter Backfire

Kh-22 and Kh-15 on scratch-built transport dollies.

The front and rear instrument decals are reversed on Trumpeter's instruction sheet! - I put them in the right place.

I also added the black decal with the yellow circle and the white box in the centre console.

Note the throttle levers, modified seats, red canopy jettison handles and white box between rear seats.

Boundary layer diverter added to inside of intake...

.... and strengtheners - top and bottom.

Assymetric load and empty weapons bay.

Equipage wheels and modified retraction strut.

Thanks Trumpeter.....

Tu-16, Tu-160, Tu-22M2, Tu-95MS - all from Trumpeter.

NeOmega KT-1 ejection seats

Equipage Wheels


Ken Duffey

September 2009