Trumpeter Backfire-C

Excellent boxtop artwork.

Main decal sheet.

Additional decals for instrument panels.

New sprue for outer wings.

New sprue for intakes, fin root and auxiliary intakes.

New nose radome.

New ejection seats, tail turret and main wheels.

Closeup showing the M2 wheels (left) and better M3 wheels (right).

Kh-22 missile is very good........

.... apart from the rear wings!!

The excellent NeOmega KT-1 seats are too tall for the Trumpeter cockpit....

.... they stick up above the bulkheads.

Rather than removing resin - and detail - from the bottom of the seat, I simply lowered the floor around each seat.

After cutting out the 'wells' - I boxed them in and made a new floor with plastic card.....

I can now drop the seats in after the model is constructed - adjusting the final height as necessary.

Trumpeter's instructions has the instrument panel decals the wrong way round !!

This is the correct way - Pilot's at left, WSO's at right.

Strike camera added aft of nose wheel bay.

Outer half of wheel fairing cutout filled in.

Ken Duffey

January 2010