Anigrand Fairchild XC-120

The real XC-120 - minus it's pod - in flight.

Plane and Pod.

Contents of the Anigrand kit.

One-piece upper fuselage and 'floor'.

The cargo pod comes in 3 pieces.

Engines and booms are in two halves.

Wings have lower inserts.

Windows and canopy in clear resin.

Taped together to check balance.

Inner wings attached to fuselage.......

Booms and tailplane attached.....

Outer wings attached.

Underside view without fuselage floor showing space for weights.

Comparison between the C-119 'Packet' and the XC-120 'Pack Plane' pod.

The shapes are totall different. You couldn't use the C-119 kit without some mega alterations.

Almost ready for the decals.

Finished model - with pod attached.....

... and without the pod.



Ken Duffey

October 2012