Thursday 29 August 2002
The following photographs were all taken by me and are therefore copyright.
They may not be copied, published or otherwise used without my express permission

Tu-16 weathership in Aeroflot colours.

Nose of the Tu-16.

Close-up of the 'Tsyklon' (Cyclone) badge on the nose of the Tu-16.

Kamov Ka-27PS on the Chkalovskaya ramp.

Military Antonov An-124 'Ruslan' on the ramp.

Il-20(?) ESM variant.

Another hush-hush Il-20/22.

Departing An-30.

Tu-134 in old Soviet-style military markings.

Neat An-12 in 'modern' Russian AF markings.

Star City

Magnificent wall mosaic depicting the MIR spacecraft in the entrance lobby of Star City

Mock-up of the central section of the MIR complex.

Inside MIR.

Toilet facilities on MIR.

Mockup of the International Space Station (MKS in Russian parlance)
in the zero-gravity water tank at Star City.

Former Cosmonaut Viktor Afanasev (left) with a member of the
ISS crew (possibly Sergei Zalyotin) who was due to launch on
October 28 2002. The cosmonaut and his family were
visiting Star City and shook our hands.

The massive centrifuge at Star City.


Mil V-12 has been given a new coat of paint.

MiG Ye-152M with a new coat of paint. It is painted to represent the Ye-166
record breaker - which was actually the Ye-152-1.