Saturday 31 August 2002
The following photographs were all taken by me and are therefore copyright.
They may not be copied, published or otherwise used without my express permission
Vnukovo Airport

A feast of civil airliners at Vnukovo - this one a Tu-134 of KMV.

This one a Tu-134D - note the long-range tanks in the belly

Another immaculate Tu-134.

These ex-Aeroflot Tu-134's are appearing in a variety of colourful schemes.

An Antonov An-26 on the Vnukovo ramp.

Antonov An-24 of Karat airlines - we would be travelling down
to Gelendzhik aboard this machine in a few days time!

And here it is taxying out at a fast pace bang on time at 11:20.
On our flight to Gelendzhik, I would be sitting at the window above the letter 'T'.

One of the many immaculate Yak-40's at Vnukovo -
this one a government machine with 'Rossiya' titles.

Another anonymous-looking Yak-40.

A Ukrainian registered Yak-40.

Another spotless Yak-40.

Yak-42 of Karat airlines taxying out for departure.

As well as the many operational aircraft, there are a few 'wrecks' at Vnukovo.
This one is the engineless prototype Tuploev Tu-204.

One of the early prototype Ilyushin Il-86's - minus it's engines.

Another Il-86 'glider'. Note the CCCP registration and Soviet flag on the fin.

Ostafievo Airport

We had to stop our coach on the peri track as this Russian Navy Antonov
An-12 departed. Note the red flash and the faired-in tail turret.

An-74 wearing 'Rusavia' titles on a former Aeroflot Polar Directorate machine.

Russian military Antonov An-26.

Another military An-26.

Mil Mi-14 ASW helicopter in the markings of 'Conversavia' - a company
that markets 'civilianised' former navy Mi-14's.

An Mi-14 in its faded military markings - possibly awaiting 'Konversion'.

Starboard side of the same machine. Note the faded yellow stripe and red star.

Smart looking military Antonov An-72.

Another 'Polar Directorate' An-74 - with 'sponsors' logo on the fin, below the
Russian military flag.

Another wait on the peri track - while a Yak-42D of 'Gazpromavia' landed.

And here it is on the main ramp of Gazpromavia.

Immaculate An-74TK-100 belonging to Gazpromavia.

Victory Park

La-5 painted in the markings of Hero of the Soviet Union G. Kostileva

I think this is a Yak-3 ?

Ilyushin Il-2 single-seater.

Lisunov Li-2 - licence built DC-3.

Rear end of the Li-2.

Wreckage of a Ju-88 - awaiting restoration?