Sunday 1 September 2002
The following photographs were all taken by me and are therefore copyright.
They may not be copied, published or otherwise used without my express permission
Tsiolkovsky Museum, Kaluga

 Model of one of Tsiolkovsky's designs for a flying machine.

Another of his designs.

A modern heavy-lift airship design model - note the two helicopter rotors
providing additional lift. The Cyrillic name reads 'Albatros'.

Looking down into the main hall of the museum.

Mars 3 lander.

One of the many satellites on display.

This is a replica of the Soviet Union's third satellite - Sputnik 3.

Full scale model of the Luna-16 lander.

Voskhod spacecarft.

What the well-dressed Soviet Cosmonaut wore.

Modern Russian EVA suit.

The wrong trousers?

Vostok rocket on its transporter/erector in the museum grounds.

Another view of the Vostok.

Directly below the Vostok looking up at the main nozzles.

Another view looking up at Vostok.

Line-up of rockets in the grounds of the Tsiolkovsky museum.

Statue of the great man himself - Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky.

The kind of monument that the Soviets did best.
This dominates the approach to the city of Kaluga.

Another statue to Tsiolkovsky - this time in the town
square of Kaluga.

Russian General Officers Academy, Moscow

MiG-29 on display at the academy. Note the dummy jetpipes made from
aluminium tube.

MiG-23 at the academy.


Sukhoi Su-17 on display at the academy.