Tuesday 3 September 2002
The following photographs were all taken by me and are therefore copyright.
They may not be copied, published or otherwise used without my express permission
Repair Plant 400 - Vnukovo Airport

Tu-154M still wearing the titles of Vnukovo Airlines undergoing repairs.

Another Tu-154M being worked on - this time belonging to AJT.

Il-76TD of Gazpromavia wearing Atlant-Soyuz titles.

Another immaculate Il-76TD.

Rather forlorn-looking Tupolev Tu-114 - used as a classroom.

Faded old-style Aeroflot colour scheme and mould on the upper fuselage
reflecting the sad condition of this old Soviet giant.

We were allowed inside the Tu-114 - the cabin still has some seats and
is used as a classroom, but the cockpit is gutted....

Parked next to the Tu-114 was this Tu-104 - the Soviets first jet airliner.

Another shot of the Tu-104 - from the rear cabin doorway of the Tu-114.

On to more modern stuff - anonymous Tu-154M on the ramp.

Another Tu-154M - this time in the colours of TyumenAviaTrans.

Very smart looking Tu-154M of Iranian airline Kish Air.

Another Tu-154 - this time belonging to Alrosa.

Plain An-74 hiding at the top of the ramp.

Tu-154B-2 of IRS Aero.

Smart Tu-134 of Ermolino Airlines.

Flight from Vnukovo to Gelendzhik

View from my window aboard the An-24 flying down to Gelendzhik.

Cockpit view on the An-24.

Looking back down the cabin - spot the Brits!

View out of the cabin window as we overfly the flying boat ramp at Gelendzhik.
A Be-200, an A-40 Albatros and two Be-103's are visible on the ramp and you
can see the slipway going down into the water. Our dining hall is in the red-roofed
building in the middle of the photo and our chalet is in the woods to its left.
The main airport is at the bottom left hand corner of this photo.

Looking out to the rear as we approach the airport.

View across the bay on our first night. A storm passed over and the rest of
the week was hot and sunny. The ramp with the A-40 is just across the road.

Just time for a quick photo in the fading light on our first evening in Gelendzhik.

This is our chalet - photographed the following morning.

A general shot of the pleasant holiday centre where we stayed - our chalet
is on the left and it was a short walk to the camp restaurant.