Saturday 14 August 2004
Zhukovsky, Moscow
  Aerobatic display(?)

P-42 Record Break on a sodden Zhukovsky ramp....

The 'P-42' designation refers to 'Pobed 42' - the victory at Stalingrad in 1942.

Note the nosewheel FOD guard has been removed to save weight.

The cross on the canopy was made from red tape - to give the optimum climb angle. Parts of it are missing.

The radar was removed and the radome was replaced by a 'tin' version.

The airframe was stripped of paint and all joints sealed.

The fin tips were removed - as was the tailboom.

This Il-976 is destined for China - I just thought it looked funny

A closer look at the 'face' on the Il-976.

This Tu-134A was sitting on the wet ramp as we left.....