Monday 16 August 2004
Chornoye, Domodedovo & Myachkovo Moscow

Monday morning broke with improved weather - so I took the opportunity to take some
photos from the windows of the Hotel Rossiya. This view of St Basils is taken from the west
wing overlooking the Kremlin.

From the south wing, I took this shot looking down the Moskva river

A shot of the Kremlin from the west entrance. The Kremlin is in front, St Basils to the right and Red Square behind it.


Mi-4 helicopter 'gate guard' at the MARZ, Chornoye.

Another immaculate gate guard, this time a Mi-1.

Inside the repair plant was this Mi-2 being worked on.

As was this An-2 biplane.

Amongst the lines of Mi-2 awaiting repair was this An-3 'Ekranoplan' that I had photographed the previous year at MAKS 03 !!
It is minus its reverse-delta wings. Note the MARZ logo below the fin.

This is the same machine at MAKS.

A lineup of Mi-2 helicopters awaiting repair - or delivery?

These are definitely awaiting repair!

Venerable An-2 biplane belonging to ROSTO - the successor to DOSAAF.

A visiting Mi-8 - also belonging to ROSTO.

Skis for the An-2 lined up against the control tower wall.

Front end of the wingless 'Experimental' An-2e Ekranoplan.

Immaculate An-2 of Murmansk Aviacompany.

Wreckage of a Mi-4 'Hound' helicopter.

Two more Mi-4's - note the DOSAAF logo on the right-hand machine.

Yet another wrecked Mi-4.

This statue of  Lenin still stands outside the plant - albeit completely surrounded by trees!


Immaculate Il-18 of the government airline 'Rossiya'.

Ubiquitous An-12 cargo hauler of Aviast.

There were plenty of Il-62's belonging to a new airline called VIM (the initials of the owner apparently). They all had girls names - this one is Natalia.

Rooks boarding for a flight !!

Another VIM Airlines Il-62 - this time its Julia.

And another one called Galina.

VIM's new livery on a Boeing 757 - remind you of anything ??

Tu-204C cargoliner - powered by Russian/Ukrainian PS-90A turbofans.

Another VIM Airlines Il-62.

Tu-154M of Air Charter.

Kolavia Tu-134 taking off...

This Tu-154M of Air Charter must have carried the Russia football team to the Euro 2004 event.

Closeup of the starboard side artwork - in English.....

The port side had the logo in Russian...

Closeup of the port side logo.

Another Tu-154M - this time of B.A.C - still wearing its Bulgarian registration.

Tu-154M of Tajikistan Airlines.

Yak-42 of Centre-Avia.

Il-86 - Azerbaijan Airlines.

Another Il-86 - this time belonging to Kras Air.

The guy in the pilot's seat of this Siber Il-86 opened the window and shouted through a megaphone that we were not to take photos of his plane!
But he was too late!!

Gazpromavia Yak-42D.

Another of the many Tu-154M's still in service inside Russia/CIS - this one from Krasnoyarsk Airlines.


 This snow blower is still in service at the sports airfield at Myachkovo. The engine is an RD-45 - a derivative of the Rolls-Royce Nene.

Immaculate An-2 in pseudo-military colours.

A superb Il-14 - note the appropriate registration.

Another view of this immaculate machine.

Another Il-14.

Mil Mi-2 also in pseudo-military colours.

A surprising find on a Russian sports airfield - a North American Sabreliner!

Good old faithful - An-30 photo-ship.

Another activity that takes place at Myachkovo is motorsport - this motorbike race was going on during our visit.

Just trying out my camera.....