Tuesday 17 August 2004
   Vnukovo Airport, Vnukovo Repair Plant, Victory Park & Khodynka, Moscow

Vnukovo Airport

Smart looking Yak-42 at Vnukovo airport.

UTair Tu-154B-2.

Tu-134 taxying in - not sure of the airline.

Tu-154M Alrosa (?)

Ubiquitous An-12 cargo hauler.


Same aircraft from the other side.

Another of those Tu-134's.

Il-62 in the old style Rossiya colours.

Tu-214 of Rossiya taxying in.

Gromov Air/KMV Tu-154B-2.

Gromov Air Tu-134A.

Yak-42D of the Ministry of Emergency Situations - MChS.

Not all the aircraft at Vnukovo were Russian - this Falcon 900B bizjet belongs to XL Aviation....

and this Learjet 45 is from Orest-Immorent Leasing.

Yak-42 of Karat Airlines landing at Vnukovo.

And here it is taxying past us at a fast pace........

Smart looking Tu-134.

Yak-40 of Unitemp-M.

Another smart Yak-40

Tu-134 on finals.

and burning rubber....

Vnukovo Repair Plant

Wingless and engineless Tu-154 of Iranian airline Kish Air awaiting repair at the plant.

This is what a Tu-154 looks like when stripped down....

The repair plants 'museum' - a Tu-114 'Cleat' airliner .............

and a Tu-104A.

Tu-154M on the flight ramp.

Il-86 'glider' !

Yak-42D of Gazpromavia.

This ex-Italian Aeronautica Miliaire DC-9 was involved in a collision with a Rossiya Il-96 and is still stored at the plant - thanks to Stephane for the info.

Victory Park

Much to our surprise, we found this new exhibit at Victory Park - a replica Il-4 WWII bomber.

The replica Il-4 looked very good - although the colour scheme may have been a bit suspect!

The I-16 replica is not so good....

The LaGG-3 replica is slightly better.

This La-5 wears the markings of  Hero of the Soviet Union G. Kostylyov.

Sukhoi Su-2 rival to the more famous Il-2 Shturmovik.

All black P-63 Kingcobra.


The more modern types are represented by this Su-25 of the AVMF naval air arm.

Sukhoi Su-25 'Flagon'

Another WWII replica - this time a Bf-109.

Victory Park does not just have aircraft on display - as witnessed by this T-34 tank.........

And this wartime steam engine.....

and a Lend-Lease Sherman.

A view down the aircraft display at Victory Park.

Khodynka Museum

The sad sight at Khodynka - where the developers are moving in. The fate of the exhibits is unknown - but I hope they can be preserved.

This massive trench strands the T-10-20 behind a mound of earth. The building in the background is a new apartment block - built in the style
of the seven 'Stalin's Teeth' buildings that  dominate the Moscow skyline.