Monday 16 August 2005

  Ivanovo-Svernyi, Russia, 610th TsBPiPLS

Transport Aviation Museum

Plaque on the wall of the Mueum of Military Transport Aviation (VTA), Ivanovo-Svernyi

Inside the VTA museum - a large mural showing their proud history and a huge model An-124 Ruslan.

The three 'gate guards' outside the museum - Il-14, An-2 & Li-2.

'Standard' transport variant of the Cub - the An-12B

Interesting exhibit - An-12PPS - electronic warfare variant with aerials & pods. Love those purple props!

The workhorse of the VTA - the Il-76 'Candid'

Short-range turboprop twin - the An-26 'Curl'

The big daddy of them all - the enormous An-22 'Cock'.

Ivanovo-Yasyunikha - Sports Airfield

The Yak-52 starting up - ready to take one intrepid member of our group.

Immaculate Ka-26 - the owner kindly removed all the covers and allowed us free access to his machine.

Fly-by of the Yak-52 - I'm glad I stayed on the ground!

Yak-18T arriving to take three joyriders.

Hiding in the long grass was this Zlin Trener - disguised as a Lufwaffe Bf-109? for some reason.

Yak-52 taxying out with Brian in the back seat - I'm not sure what he is trying to indicate ??

Interesting local mod to a Blanik glider - turning it into a motor glider.

Cool Dude - local sports pilot taxying out in his Yak-55 for some aero practice.

This is about as adventurous as I get these days - posing in the pilot's seat of the Ka-26.