Thursday 18 August 2005

  Ryazan - 43rd TsBPiPLS

Tu-16K-26 Gate Guard at Ryazan-Dyagilevo.

The sign on the main gate reads 'Tsentr Boyevogo Primeniya i Pereuchivaniya Lyotnogo Sostava - Dalneye Aviatsii'
Centre for Combat Application and Training of Aircrew - Long Range Aviation

Another sign over the gate - the outer writing I think translates as 'Teach to Fly and Overcome'?

Into the museum proper - Tuplolev Tu-22M2 'Backfire-B' with Kh-22 missile (NATO AS-4 Kitchen) under the starboard wing.

Myasischev M-4-2 'Bison'.

Such large aircraft are difficult to photograph.............

Tu-22PD - jammer variant of the Blinder.

Off to the side - on the live ramp - this Tu-95MS was being worked on. It bears the crest and name of the city of Ryazan.

Interesting Tu-22M3 'Backfire-C' - this is the one-off machine fitted with the same NK-32 engines as the Tu-160 Blackjack.
Note the four rows of auxiliary blow-in doors in the centre - the 'standard' Backfire has only three rows of doors.

Massive Tu-95K-20 'Bear' with a Kh-20 missile (NATO AS-3 Kangaroo).

I don't know if this Tu-95MS was being worked on - or cannibalised!

This Antonov An-24 was sitting on the ramp off to the side.

Tu-16R EW Jammer variant.

Another shot of the NK-32-engined Tu-22M3.

  This An-26 was being worked on.

A shot up the centre of the museum display area.

A closer view of the Tu-16R showing the large 'Sirena' jammer in the tail.

Tu-95K-20 'Bear-B'

Another view of the Blinder.....

Rear end of the Tu-22 Blinder.

Closeup of the mission symbols and scrubbed-out 'excellence' badge on the Tu-22 Blinder.

The missile under the Tu-16R is a KSR-2 (NATO AS-5 Kelt). It is not carried by the Tu-16R.

A closeup of the massive Kh-20 under the Tu-95.

Another view from the rear.

Tu-22M3 Bort Red 4504' - the one-off NK-32-engined machine from Zhukovsky.

Snout on the Tu-95K-20

Mya-4 Bison nose

Arty shot of the Bison's nose.

The four rows of auxiliary doors on the Tu-22M3.

Tu-134UBL pilot trainer with Tu-22M-style nose arriving. This one sports the name Ural above the cheatline.

Another view of 'Ural' as it taxies in to its parking slot.

This Myasischev VM-T is on the far side of the airfield - One of only two flightworthy machines built, the other one is at Zhukovsky.

Ilyushin Il-78 'Midas' tanker - note the UPAZ refuelling pod under the wing.

Mil Mi-8 'Hip'.

Inside the museum - the instrument panel from a Tu-95..................

....and seats.

No, not an Elsan pan - but the refuelling receptacle from a Bison.

Flags on the way out, from left to right, Ryzan City , Russian Federation, Russian Air Force.