Friday 19 August 2005

  Zhukovsky - MAKS

New type - 4-seat Laplan L-451 powered by an M-14X radial.

Another design from the same stable - the Laplan L-471 Amphibian - also M-14X powered.
According to the brochure I picked up, turboprop versions of both are being developed.

Currently the world's largest  helicopter - the Mi-26T in MChS colours.

L-29 Delfin of the privately-run 'Sky Nights' aerobatic team.

I'm not sure about this - it looks like a Yak done up to look like an La-5 ??

Mil M-171Sh from the Ulan-Ude plant - note their 'prancing bear' design on the nose armour plate.

Another Ulan-Ude Mil - this time a Mi-8AMTSh.

Mockup of the Mi-54.

Mil Mi-38 fresh from its early test flights.

Shavrov Sh-2 replica.

Kazan Helicopters Ansat.......

...... and their light piston-powered Aktai.

Brand new Antonov An-140 of, I think, Yakutiya Airlines.

Another An-140 - this time an Antonov demonstrator.

This Su-27 is an ex-Test Pilots machine fitted with a Salyut Al-31F with a thrust vectoring nozzle in the port side. The starboard engine is 'standard'.
This is a rival design to the NPO Saturn Al-31FP engines fitted to India's Su-30MKI.

The Al-31F was hooked up to a power unit - and cycled through its routine... At MAKS 2003 - this engine was fitted to bort number 595 - painted
in LII's blue and grey colour scheme. I don't know if this is the same machine re-painted in 'Test Pilots' colours, or whether the engine has been
removed from 595 and put into this machine ?

A closer view of the thrust-vectoring nozzle......

....and a wider shot of the Su-27 showing the Salyut & UMPO logos.

Tuploev AS-2 'Airboat' - designed to operated on water, ice & snow !

Tu-154 testbed in Gromov/LII house colours.

MiG-AT being towed out to the flightline.

Antonov are offering upgrades to the ubiquitous An-24RV.

The warbirds movement is alive and well in Russia - this  Polikarpov Po-2 is presented by Rusavia.... was this MiG-3 - which is due to fly next year - possible powered by an AM-35 engine.

Proof that the Myasischev M-55 'Geofisika' is still alive and well......

..... it is still finding work on atmospheric research.

Yak-54 aerobatic machine.

The first series-configured Yak-130 sporting its new, more rounded, nose and other refinements.

Ka-27 Helix.

Ka-60 - the development of which appears to be going nowhere... does the Ka-50.

More successful is the Ka-226 - this is a Rolls-Royce Allison 250-C20R powered machine operated by the gas giant Gazpromavia.

This Ka-226T uses a Snecma Turbomeca Arrius 2G2 engined - giving it a better hot-and-high performance.

The SM-92 Turbo-Finist......

....and its web-footed stablemate.

On down to the MiG lineup. This is the MiG-29M2 two-seater.

The MiG-29K - being developed for the Indian Navy.

The MiG-29OVT has thrust-vectoring nozzles.

'Standard' MiG-29 9-13 Fulcrum-C looking almost boring amongst all the new development prototypes.

MiG-29SMT in a new colour scheme - another development that appears to be 'on hold' ?


The MiG-31 company demonstrator.

The Beriev Be-103 amphibian. This machine recently made a record-breaking flight from Komsomolsk-na-Amour to St Petersbourg.

Meanwhile, down on the Sukhoi stand, this naval Su-33 totes two S-25-OFM 340mm rockets on the starboard wing and
two S-8 80mm rockets on the port wing - as well having Sorbtsya ESM pods on the wingtip pylons. 

Closeup of the S-25-OFM heavy-calibre rockets on a twin mounting.

The 20-barrel B-8M1 pods containing the 80mm S-8 rockets - also on a twin mount.

Bort 501 was the prototype Su-30MKK for China - now serving as a Sukhoi demonstrator with the titles 'Su-30MK'
The steps and canopy are great for visiting dignitaries - but make it useless for photographers!

The Sukhoi Su-39 has been around for a few years now.

  Bort 48 is the latest Su-34 - or Su-32 as it says on the board !!!

This Su-25SM is an upgrade .............. is this Su-24M.....

..... and this Su-27SM from Lipetsk!

All the salient recognition features of an upgraded Su-27SM are visible in this shot - offset Infra-Red Search-&-Track ball in front of the windscreen,
tiny ESM aerials on the leading edge slats - and none on the intake sides - plus the darker metallic patches on the undersides of the tailplanes.
It is also fitted with a UOMZ 'Sapsan-E' (Peregrine Falcon) targeting & laser designation pod under the port intake and an optronics pod under the straboard intake.

Tu-160 - named after Ivan Yarigin.

Anonymous looking MiG-31

Il-76TD-90VD fitted with PS-90 engines.

Two years ago this was just a mockup - now it is a flying prototype. The Kazan Ansat-2RTs - or ARH as it says on the side.

Another shot of the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter - based on the successful Ansat.

Mi-8MTO Hip - upgraded with night-vision systems and a Ural Optics Plant GOES-340 gyro-stabilised electro-optical turret.

Upgraded Mi-24PN with Zarevo FLIR in the nose. This machine has a fixed undercarriage to save weight.

A closer look at the Mi-24PN.

Remember that VM-T at Ryazan ?? - well this is the other one.

Russian Air Force An-72 on the active end of the static flightline.

Mil Mi-28N being towed out for its display slot.

Another Hind upgrade - this time a Mi-35M - being towed out. Note the Mi-28-style tail rotor.

Military Il-18 in Aeroflot title on the active ramp.

Kliper ('Clipper') Re-usable spacecraft :- Website

Pchela-1T UAV from the Yakovlev design bureau.

One of the Yak-130D prototypes - compare the differences to the 'production' version coded 02.

Tupolev Tu-160 named after Ivan Yarigin. The Russian AF nicknames the Blackjack 'Belyy Lebed' (White Swan).

Closeup of the Sapsan-E pod under the Su-27SM.

MiG-29SMT - that lightning flash on the fin actually reads MiG in Cyrillic!

'Plain Jane' MiG-29 Fulcrum-C.

Thrust-vectoring MiG-29 OVT - or VTC as it says on the starboard fin.

A closer look at the 360deg vectoring nozzles on the RD-33 engines of the MiG-29 OVT

MiG-29K - naval version being sold to India.


Ka-226T with a flatbed platform in place of the pod.

Ka-226 of Gazpromavia.


This Su-24 belongs to LII (Gromov Flight Reserach Centre).

A neat little microlight.

Making my way back to the coach - with the sun going down and the crowds thinning - it was a good time to photograph the exhibits from the other side.
This is the Mi-38 basking in the evening sun........

............. and the Mi-54 mockup.

The mighty Halo ..............

.... and its 'bambi' bucket ....

Proof positive that the US-Russian Tu-144 testbed has not been sold on ebay !!!

Back to our waiting transport - No, not the Il-96, the silver coach - the last in the parking lot!