Saturday 20 August 2005

  Zhukovsky - MAKS

I hadn't noticed this on the Friday - a re-engined Mi-2. I have no details as to what engines it has.

L-39 Albatros of the Gromov Flight Research Institute (LII).

Another Albatros - I think this one has upgraded systems.

This is a brand-new Antonov An-148 - it made its maiden flight on 19 April 2005.

Just to prove that its not all aircraft on display - I took a few photos around the military vehicle display.

Upgraded Sa-8 Gecko on offer.

You can read as well as I can.....

Meanwhile, back to the aircraft... rear end of the upgraded Su-24M in the Sukhoi lineup.

Similar view of the Su-27SM.

Moscow constabulary - and their riders!

The start of the flying display - Mi-8 with parachutists takes off.

But something different from previous years  - Su-25 with a tankful of blue dye......

....and one with red dye................

....and a Su-25UB with white dye.... they all took off.

....and opened the show trailing coloureds smoke.

The dye is obviously sprayed into the engine produce the Russian flag colours of white/blue/red.

Meanwhile, the Hip had climbed to altitude - and disgorged its load of parachutists....

......and then it was the turn of the Russian Knights......

.... to do their routine.

The singleton squeezing what little moisture there was ........

Russian Knight's Su-27UB doing the same.

Tuploev Tu-334 - still chasing orders......

....and looking like a pregnant BAC-111.

The SM-92 Turbo-Finist is a sprightly performer.

The Kamov display consisted of this Ka-31 with rotating radar scanner....on order from the Indian Navy.

For landing, the scanner folds flat along the underside of the fuselage - and the legs extend.

Neat little Ka-226 in a metallic maroon colour scheme.

Note the detachable passenger pod.

This Ka-226 in Gazpromavia colours is minus the pod to show it external cargo hauling capability.

External slung load on the Ka-226.

Who would have thought it - a B-1B displaying over Zhukovsky.........!!!!

Back to some REAL aircraft! This ex-Test Pilots Flanker now sports the Gromov grey/blue colour scheme.

MiG-29M2 fitted with 'smokeArchers?' takes off for his routine.

MiG version of a Cobra.

The use of smoke makes for an impressive display.

Note the lighning flash on the fin - which spells 'MiG' in Cyrillic.

Topside view of the MiG-29M2.

An impressive display of  low-speed handling - MiG-29M2 and Il-103 four-seat tourer/trainer.

Four MiG-29's of the 'Strijhi' (Swifts) aerobatic team.

The full six-ship team.

The large Swift emblem on the underside.

The latest Yak-130 taxies out for his display slot. The Yak has an interesting anti-FOD arrangement whereby a door in the upper LERX
opens to admit air - while at the same time blanking off the front of the intake.

The Yak-130 puts on a sprightly display.

Note the dog-tooth tailplane.

Coming in to land - and showing to good effect the anti-FOD system.

Kamov Ka-50 'Cherniye Akula' (Black Shark).

Another Ka-50...

Sukhoi  Su-29KS two-seat aerobatic aircraft.

This same machine later flew over the crowd at 50ft - with the backseater throwing out leaflets !!!

The MiG-29OVT with thrust-vectoring engines put on a stunning display - including a double-somersault.

Here it is doing a Cobra - at this point he is still travelling from right to left....

This is the 'back flip'.....

..... just incredible....

Italian AF Aeritalia G-222 taking off.... do his Khe San approach - old hat in the west - but the Russians loved it...

G-222 landing after his routine - at least he didn't burst a tire !

The French Patrouille de France put on their usual polished performace - trailing red, white & blue smoke......

..but when they switched to the Russian colours of white, blue & red, the crowd went wild...........

Despite all the noise, this police dog was just dozing off in the warm sunshine.

Sukhoi's Su-30MKI demonstrator taking off - to try and outdo the MiG-29OVT.....

....he was just as impressive - but without smoke, not so dramatic. In this shot he is travelling from left to right..

...slow speed pass - with canards and TVC working overtime.

Su-30MKI ..

..landing after his display. I gave the points to the MiG - but the Flanker has been doing it for years....

Some sort of Russian engine inspection team - but I'm not so sure.............

Big brother is always watching you....................

Back to the coach - just time to snap this Yak-18T.