Sunday 3 September 2006

  Domodedovo Airport, Moscow

Immaculate Il-18 of the government airline 'Rossiya'.

Sudanese Il-62M........

......and another one in the colours of Interavia.

Moldovan Airlines Tu-134 taking off.

Tu-154M of Samara Airlines taxying out.

C-130H-30 Hercules of the Algerian Air Force

Another Algerian Air Force C-130.

Airbus A-319 of Armavia.

Bykovo Airport, Moscow.

Kamov Ka-32A of the Moscow Aviation Centre.

Immaculate An-28 of 'Avia Region'.

Myasischev M-101T 'Gzhel' of Dexter Air Taxis.

Smart looking Ukrainian registered Mi-8 'Salon'.

What every Russian airport has - a snow blower based on the RD-45 jet engine.
This is a de-luxe model mounted on a turntable and with an operators cab taken from a vehicle.

Bykovo's Gate Guard - a rather dilapidated Il-14 - but at least they still have it, unlike Domodedovo's Tu-114!

Central Armed Forces Museum



Early model Mi-24 - 'Hind-A'.